Why Choose Us?

These unique rings aren't like any others. They only come in a few of each style this way your ring will be unique and unlike any other ring! Not only are they incomparable to any other ring but they are also all thrifted! This way these old, used spoons and forks can be given a new purpose and a new home:)

About the Owner

Emma Bartlett,

EB's Rings

My name is Emma Bartlett, EB, and I have been making spoons rings for just over a year now! The first time I made spoon rings was actually as a date with my boyfriend but it turned out I really enjoyed making them! Once I started to sell them it was mainly in order to save up money for a trip to Costa Rica to teach elementary kids English, but sadly it got cancelled because of Covid. As I continued making rings I realized I actually really enjoyed it and even when I had no customers to make rings for I found myself wanting to just make them for fun! I also LOVE to thrift and find so many amazing spoons wherever I go! I wish I could stop myself from buying so many but I love how beautiful each individual spoon is and how there are so many unique styles.